Friday, April 4, 2008

Ties, Ties, Ties

So my latest obsession has been knitting men's (or women's) neckties. I got started on this after doing a custom order for Charles of Etsy's Accounting Department. And now they're my new favorite thing to make.

<-------this one is brand new and I'm calling it the 'Used Car Salesman' :) It's made with wool tweed and mohair.

This one is made with recycled cotton and has a striped rib pattern. Definitely on the classier side.

<------And here my current work in progress. Man, I forgot how effing long it takes to knit something up on #3 needles! Its already been like 5 days!

It's a really awesome pattern that I hijacked and altered from one I found on the internet. The ties are knit on the bias so it greats these really awesome diagonal strips as you can see in the photos.

I'm thinking of opening another shop on Etsy that sells only knit ties....What do you think???

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Magical Gem Sweater Parade!

A mythic goddess of astronomical proportions has recently come to my attention. She is known as Leslie Hall aka The Rescuer of Gem Sweater Magic. She is my new hero, my idol, my God! If you're looking for me I'll be the one in the corner lip syncing Mid-West rap songs in a gold lame` jumpsuit.

SPOILER ALERT....I might just have to create a Gem-inspired treasury...