Wednesday, September 26, 2007

A knitting blog!

Hello, my name is Tally. Technically speaking I'm a boat builder from St. Michael's, MD, but deep in my heart, I'm a knitter. Lately I've been designing my own patterns. In the past I have been disappointed with the knitting patterns out there. For the most part, they're boring and predictable. I want to knit myself a sweater-vest that says I'm hot!  And why not? 

I'm not too familiar with this blogging thing. So bear with me. I hope to be able to post patterns and photos and get feedback from all the hip little knitters out there in cyberspace. Let's share. 

Here's a picture of me in my latest work-in-progress. I call it 'The Thinking Cap'...get it?...'cause it has light bulbs on it?...anyways, I know it kinda looks like crap (am I allowed to swear on here?...please say yes...) I haven't blocked it yet and it still needs a lot of finishing. The pattern will come later if there are interested takers. I'm also working on a sweater vest (the afore mentioned sexy one...). More to come.

Love you, keep in touch!